K-Link™ Cotton Marketing System
a marketing and information exchange platform
designed through necessity in the industry

Powerful. Efficient.

K-Link™ simplifies and streamlines how cotton bales are marketed, bid upon, and traded.

Auto Calculation

Merchant bid prices are calculated automatically via classing data. No more faxing and numbers by hand.


Our dashboard provides information at-a-glance: recaps sent and bid, best price, and more.

Simple Pricing

Low annual subscription, $1 per bale traded, and weekly invoicing. That's it.


Designed by a former merchant and fifth-generation cotton farmer. Owned by West Texas industry.


K-Link™ features low pricing and easy billing


$1,700/ yr

  • Classing data uploads
  • Unlimited recaps
  • Unlimited modifications
  • In-app communication with merchants
  • 2 user accounts included

Major Merchants

$350/ yr

  • Immediate basis calculation
  • Regional loan charts
  • After-hours protection
  • In-app communication with gins
  • 2 user accounts included

FOB Merchants

$350/ yr

  • Same benefits as gins
  • Same benefits as merchants
  • Access to buyer and seller portals
  • In-app communication with gins & merchants
  • 2 user accounts included

Bale Trades

$1/ bale

  • Charged to buyer
  • No quotas
  • No off-platform fees
  • No additional fees
All prices in USD. Approval required for access to K-Link. See terms and conditions for details.

An Industry Shift since 2017

K-Link™ opened for trading in August 2017, for the Texas harvest season.
Since 2018, we've help market cotton from West Texas, South Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas.